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Summer 2022 Fashion Predictions for Men and Women

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Ava Mixon

With summer quickly approaching, it is time to start getting our closets in check. Throw the jackets, hoodies and sweats to the back of the closet and keep an eye out for these trends that you could see yourself wearing this summer. Here are my top 10 summer 2022 fashion predictions between both women’s and men’s fashion.


Women’s Trends


First and probably my favorite fashion prediction is the miniskirt. It’s making a comeback this summer after Miu Miu runway models were seen walking in a pleated cutoff miniskirt. I have already seen other brands successful in selling simple black/white, denim and cargo miniskirts. It’s a great way to show off those legs and can easily be dressed up or down.

Low-rise Jeans

Staying on the topic of tiny bottoms, low-rise jeans are certainly going to be on people’s radars this summer. Fashion comes in cycles and high-rise jeans have had their time to shine. Low-rise jeans are going to be the new jean trend and will most likely be paired with body jewelry and crop tops.

Exposed Waistbands

Exposed waistbands are a trend that I expect to come with the low-rise trend. I am noticing this with the 874 Dickies worker pants that girls are folding over to expose the inner waistband and create a low-rise look. I also think that when girls bust out their bikinis, it will be trendy to have the waistband of bikini bottoms peeping over their jeans.

Platform Heels and Flip-flops

Steve Madden’s shoes have been blowing up recently with its platform boots. Platform shoes were trendy in winter, and I think the trend is going to continue through the summer by expanding to heels and flip-flops. I am envisioning the 2000s platform wedge flip-flops to make a unique comeback with all the other 2000s styles that have been circling around in fashion trends this year.

Youthful Graphic Tees

Similar to the 2000s style that has been growing recently, youthful graphic tees, specifically baby tees, will definitely be a trend this summer. It’s a fun way to bring back the nostalgic feelings of summer when we were children. These kinds of tops are always the cutest when thrifted or found on second-hand seller sites like Depop.

Cutout Tops

Inspired by the lovely “Euphoria” cast, Maddy and Cassie have set the trend for unique cutout tops. Cutouts are going to be the “it” item for going out looks. You can already see them popping up all over different online brands. It’s going to be a favorite for those who like to experiment with unique geometric pieces.


Men’s Trends

Paisley Print Shorts

This print is going to be the print of the summer for men; it is advertised throughout a multitude of stores, with a few being Pacsun and ASOS. I expect to see many shorts with this print of all colors being styled with different graphic tees to add a little extra pattern or color to a simple fit.

Vintage Oversized Tees

Vintage tees are booming in the fashion world right now. With the growing appreciation of thrifting and upcycling old clothes, there has been a new level of appreciation of vintage wear to recognize older versions of some of our favorite brands, sports teams or music artists.

Preppy Wear

A Tyler the Creator inspired trend, but he truly is an icon when it comes to influencing fashion. Sweater vests, loafers and trousers are going to be soaring in men’s fashion this summer. This trend is going to open the floor to mixing and matching the standard dressy attire with a more laid-back vintage feel.

Trucker Hats

For both men and women, trucker hats will be a go-to accessory. Trucker hats started to become a fun way to add some color and more accessories to a fit a couple of months ago. But they are really going to take off this summer because of the gender-neutral growth truckers have recently had upon consumers. In my opinion, trucker hats are going to be a fun way for people to show even more expression through their outfits because these hats love to come with unique phrases or stylish graphics to compliment an outfit.


With a new season approaching it’s only fair to prep our closets for the new trends as well. With these predictions hopefully, you can hop on them before everyone else. I’m interested to see how many of these actually make an appearance in summer fashion this year!


What’s your favorite summer 2022 fashion prediction? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter or leave a comment!

Cover photo by Tyson Alonzo

All other photos from Pinterest


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