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Face-off Fashion: Hockey Game Attire

As the clock winds down and the opening face-off draws near, hockey-lovers scurry to their seats. Each fan proudly shows off their team’s colors in hopes that they will come out with two points. While the players battle for the puck on the ice, fans battle for creativity off the ice. Who can wear their team’s uniforms and colors most fashionably?

You see diehard fans making a statement with painted faces and team jerseys but you can still be noticed while taking a more simple approach.

Here are a few ways support your favorite hockey team without having to lose your sense of style.

An over-sized jersey paired with floral leggings and tall black boots is an ideal laid-back look to ensure you do not wind up in the penalty box.


A scarf with your favorite team’s logo, a gray baby-doll pea coat and black jeans all work together to execute the perfect game plan.


An NHL t-shirt, sweater and jeans create that cute, comfy outfit that is perfect for a victory celebration.


NHL boots, a sparkly scarf, a wool sweater and your choice of ripped blue or black jeans allow you to show some team pride while enjoying your night by the ice.


Whether your team wins or loses, you can always be sure to come out on top with a cute scarf, a neutral baby-doll coat, leather boots, and most importantly team pride. These are just a few outfits that will allow you to always be the number one star of the game. Be sure to put your best skate forward and do not be afraid to make a statement at the next hockey game you attend.

By: Shelby Hyde


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