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Get Crafty and Motivated with Vision Boards

By Elyssa Damian


A vision board, or dream board, is a fun tool that not only brings out the creativity in someone but also inspires them to achieve a goal. A vision board is a collage of cohesive images, quotes, and any other materials that are set to motivate people. The main reason vision boards are so effective in encouraging people to follow their dreams and aspirations is due to the fact that we are more likely to do something if we can physically see it in front of us.

There are no limitations in making a dream board so it is the perfect opportunity to be artistic and productive simultaneously. To make a vision board, all you need is paper, glue or tape, a pair of scissors, your favorite images and craft supplies. Magazines are usually a great place to start to find pictures or quotes for your dream board. You can arrange these pictures in any way you want, add glitter, incorporate washy tape, or anything else you can find. After you finish your masterpiece, hang it up somewhere you will see it often as a reminder of your goal!

How your board turns out is solely up to you. The best part about dream boards is that they can be centered around

absolutely anything you want—they are 100% personalized. Your vision board could be a fitness “inspo” or an assortment of your favorite fall trends. Your dream board is supposed to reflect your wishes and ideas.  


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