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Halloween costumes on a budget

By: Riley Anderson

Halloween is an exciting time of the year for many people! It’s an opportunity to get creative with both your makeup and costumes. For college kids, Halloween can be expensive and time-consuming. With so many parties and events to attend, coming up with creative and affordable costumes can be stressful. For this post, I’ve put together a look book of easy, but fashionable costumes any college kid can put together. I’ll also show some pieces I would use to recreate these trendy looks.  

The sun and stars

Courtesy of Pinterest

How to recreate: I would start off this look by finding a yellow, black or metallic top. I would probably pair either look with a black or white skirt. Depending on which look you choose (sun or stars), find some silver or gold statement jewelry. I would then find some facial gems or body glitter to complete the look. I also found some golden fake lashes and gold hair glitter to add more sparkles. For an extra added spice, add a unique headband.

Hawaiian girl   

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

How to recreate: To create this look start by finding your favorite floral bikini top. If you own a hula skirt, wear it! Otherwise, find a casual skirt or tutu to match your top. I would then add some pearl necklaces and beachy sandals. To complete the look add some body glitter, flash tattoos and  throw in some flowers!


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

How to recreate: To create this look find a black leather skirt or pants. I would then find a black bralette and crop top. Pair the outfit with a pair of knee high black boots or any other black shoes. I would then add some red lipstick and silver earrings to top it off. Wanna go full vampire? Add a purple smokey eye, some fangs, and fake blood to up your spooky game.

70’s Disco

Photo courtesy of Pinterest 

How to recreate: To recreate this look, find any sequin shirt, jumpsuit, or dress. Pair it with some fun and flashy jewelry, not forget the big hoops! To complete the look add sparkly heels or fun white gogo boots. To add an extra 70’s vibe use colorful eyeshadows and add some volume to your hair.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest 

How to recreate: To create this look, start by finding a red bralette or crop top. I would then pair this with a red skirt, leather pants or even a tutu. Add some red lipstick, glitter, and boots to tie it all together. And of course, don’t forget the devil horns!

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