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Makeup tricks and tips for the Arizona heat

By Carly Doyle

It may be fall, but we’re all still going to be rocking summer wear for at least another month; and that also includes, summer make-up. As a little shout out and welcome to any out-of-staters, here are a few tips I’ve picked up as a native on the best kinds of make-up for the Arizona heat.

First things first, foundation out here is a no-no. From my experience, you’re going to look great going out, but no amount of face primer is really going to help in 90+ degrees.

I will always swear by a great tinted moisturizer, like Clinique’s Moisture Surge, for many reasons. Most importantly, the formula is lightweight; therefore, it won’t clog any pores or crease on your skin if you get sweaty. If you need a bit more coverage overall, a CC cream is a great way to go. Olay carries a great one.

Both of these products have sunscreen in them as well, which is truly necessary in Arizona. Now, because these are both lighter formulas, for trouble spots, I recommend a cream/stick concealer to place whereveryou need and then blend.

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After the face, come the eyes. No one wants a sweaty eye shadow mess after being out for only a couple hours; so, an eye shadow primer is the best way to go. Both Too Faced and Bare Minerals have highly rated and affordable options that will keep your shadow safe and make the color pop a little too!

If you are more of an eyeliner girl, like me, then I would recommend a gel eyeliner like Maybelline’s Lasting Drama by Eye Studio. Gel liner is a bit thicker, and you have to use a brush with it, but it will last much longer than any liquid liner out there because it doesn’t smear easy.


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If you aren’t much of a liner-artist, then pencil liners will do the trick, but some really good pencil eyeliners can get expensive.

Finally, you need to make your eyes pop with a nice mascara. The best rule is just to use anything water proof. It may be more of a pain to get off at night, but this stuff will stay on you through the whole day. There are a ton of options, so just find your favorite brand’s waterproof formula and you’ll be just fine.

Besides the eyes and face, rules for blush, brows and bronzer are pretty much the same. Just top it off with just a little translucent powder, and you are ready to go!


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