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Once Upon a Time Fashion

Oh no! Our favorite fairy tale stories are stuck in a not-so happy ending. In ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”, an Evil Queen casts a spell on the kingdom of Storybrooke and traps all the characters.

Throughout the show, we see flashbacks to their fairy tale lives and their current real-world lifestyle. Various characters appear throughout the show to either help or hurt the “chosen one”, Bella Swan, from breaking the spell. Who says you can’t defeat evil in style?

In the fairytale world, characters have exquisite gowns and elegant costumes. The designer for the show’s fairytale costumes is Eduardo Castro. Different brands like Gap, Burberry and Valentino are used during the present time.

Once 1

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Regina (the Evil Queen) rocks black and red gowns. During the real world, she wears dark outfits and trench coats.

Constantly, her dark side is being mirrored by what she is wearing.

Once 2

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     Than there’s the Disney princesses like Belle and Ariel. During the flashback Belle is seen wearing her classic yellow gown. The design is very simple with a little design at the top. This version does not have ruffles at the bottom.  In the real world, Belle is constantly wearing girlie and moderate clothes similar to her personality.

Once 3

   The Little Mermaid’s fairytale outfit is mixed with  a bra top and a metallic pencil skirt. She also has a  cute small side purse.

Ariel is seen wearing office attire while in the real  world. She is seen wearing navy      and blue-green shirts.

Also, she continues to use accessories like golden bracelets with different color     rhinestones. Although it doesn’t seem to resemble her bathing suit like outfit, we see      her wearing little symbols of the ocean.

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The characters have various outfits throughout the show representing them or resembling their fairy tale attire. Now you have the chance to watch your favorite fairytale character come to life while wearing amazing costumes or one of your favorite    designers. Check out season four, which starts Sunday to see Elsa and Anna’s outfits!


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