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Quick Hairstyles Inspired by Fashion Week

Pressed for time? Fashion Week 2014 has brought an array of fun hairstyles to try. These three styles are easy to do and save you a lot of time.

The Bubble Pony gives some character to the average ponytail. Simply tie your hair in a low pony and tie elastic bands every two inches down. Tease the hair between each band to give it a little volume.


Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

The side-swept braid is effortlessly cute. Simply braid bangs into a loose pony, or pin back braided bangs and let it flow into loose, cascading waves. The messy look is in, so no need to worry about strays.


Photo Courtesy of Hairstyles Weekly

A Twisty Topknot is a new spin on the traditional, perfect ballerina bun. Simply gather hair at the top of your head and tie into a high ponytail, then wrap around the pony and secure with an elastic and bobby pins. Play with that fun, topsy-turvy shape.


Photo Courtesy of

The best thing about these three looks? They can be done in under 5 minutes. So next time you wake up late, opt for one of these styles and still look trendy and fashionable. 

By Madison Rowbotham


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