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Six Products to Beat the Heat

By: Kendri Nicolls

Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than getting up in the morning, doing your makeup, and having it come out flawless. However, there’s nothing worse, than all that work being put to waste in the heat.

Originally, I come from a little town in the mountains. As you can imagine, hot weather, is a rarity. So, coming to the valley has proved to be a unique journey, one in which I’ve been searching for products to beat the heat. Along the way, I’ve tested many, and I’ve managed to comprise a list of six products, that can withstand the Arizona heat.


One of the most important things to consider when keeping your makeup looking spotless, is a good primer. After all, primer is what starts the whole process. So doesn’t it make sense to buy one to prevent shine?

  1. Brandt Pores No More PoreRefiner (retails around $45.00)

  1. Much like the name implies, this primer dramatically reduces the look of pores. However, it multitasks and manages to keep shine at bay all day. The best part about this product, is it can be reapplied in order to touch up certain areas throughout the day.

  1. Maybelline Master Prime By Face Studio (retails around $7.99)

  2. Not only does this product help control shine, but it also helps save you money. As a more financially friendly option, this primer creates a smooth surface to apply your makeup, keeping oil at bay.


In all honesty, a good foundation, makes your look. So, it’s essential to get one that doesn’t clump or melt as the day goes on.

  1. After using this product, I was amazed. This foundation claimed that it can last all day. Not only did the product last all day (through hundred and ten-degree weather), it lasted through Night Splash and a night out with friends without moving. If you’re looking to skip the primer, powder, and touching up throughout the day, this is the solution for you. However, one disclaimer is this product needs to be applied with care, for it goes on and dries quickly!


Powder is essential part in sealing your makeup, but there are hundreds out there. After testing out brand after brand, I found one, that works wonders.

  1. Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder (Retails around $32.00)

  2. So I know I already touched on this, but this is my go to primer. I know, I know, it’s a powder… but it goes on smooth and does everything you’d want a primer to do. As a bonus, it’s the perfect finishing powder. It goes on without looking cakey, and does a beyond amazing job and keeping shine at bay.


Finishing Spray

Finishing Spray, is in all goodness, a gift from above. A good finishing spray completes your look and prevents melting without looking greasy.

  1. Urban Decay All-Nighter (also De-Slick) Setting Spray (retails around $30.00)

  2. All-in-all, this product is a lifesaver. Using just three sprays sets your makeup and keeps you looking flawless all day. Although it may seem pricey, I personally only use a bottle only every five or so months, so the price is justifiable.

  3. Younique Makeup Refreshed Rose Water (retails around $29.00)

  4. Finally, is the miracle product itself. Not only does it act as a shine free setting spray, this product can be used as primer, toner, makeup remover, and to reduce redness.



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