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Style Steal: Emma Roberts

By Davyn Matte

Emma Roberts has carved out a place for herself among fashion’s “It Girls” with her effortless transitions between sleek high-fashion and enviable lazy-girl style. One thing I love about her is that even in casual wear, she manages to look put together. She is no doubt my style icon. So much of what she wears is similar to items I wear or hope to someday.

The happiest day of my life would be the one in which I can raid her closet. Since that day is nowhere in sight, I picked out three of her looks to recreate that are perfect for day-to-day life.

Minimally Chic


Say hello to your go-to finals look! I love this outfit because leggings, an oversized denim button up and a pair of athletic shoes are bound to be in your closet already. This look is simple and yet sleek thanks to the leggings, especially if you opt for all black. The denim button up and tennis shoes give it an edge but also leave room for your personal style to come through if you go for a shirt with decorative patches or colorful shoes.

Dressed Down


This was one of my favorite outfits to recreate.  Making a button down more casual can be very hit or miss. I always feel a little too dressed up when I wear one. Yet in this outfit, I felt like I was ready for a day out with some friends. What makes this outfit more casual is the almost careless way it’s tucked into the shorts. Letting one side hang a little bit lower makes it look less put together. If you have distressed shorts those should work better to give the outfit more personality. If you don’t have a pair, you could even opt for high-waist shorts or a pair in a bright color that complements your shirt.

Spring Worthy


If spring had a poster child, it would be a long, floral skirt. It’s long flowing bottom is enough to make anyone look effortless and whimsical. This staple piece also has a versatility factor that lets you dress it up or down depending on your mood and where you’re going. No matter what I can guarantee you that you will always look put together when you’re creating an outfit around a skirt. Tucking in your shirt puts more emphasis on your waist and balances well with the flow of the skirt.

I hope now you’re as obsessed with Emma Roberts as I am–or at least found some outfit inspiration you can tap into in the future!


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