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Style Steal: French Girl Fashion on a Budget

By Davyn Matte

French girls have the reputation of looking put together at all times, yet they manage to have an effortless quality about them. It’s not hard to see why so many people in the fashion and beauty industry are desperate to tap into this magical power. Thanks to Pinterest and the mall, I was able to recreate some outfits to help you still get that French girl look but on a budget.

Breton Stripe

A striped shirt with long or quarter length sleeves should be a staple when imitating French fashion. It can be dressed up or down by switching out your pants. I found this striped tunic on Tobi, an online retailer, for about $20. The website is always having a sale so scoop one up while you can!

The black tailored slacks make the outfit a professional option you could wear to work. Not only are they comfortable, but they were only $15 at H&M. Small purses should be your go-to for added simplicity. This plum bag was only $18 at H&M and can complement so many outfits.

Feeling Blue

Oversized shirts are your best friend for an effortless outfit. You don’t want it to be too big though! One size up from your normal size should do the trick. This shirt was $24 at H&M. I know the price tag is more than previous items, but the shirt should last a while due to its quality. Pair it with high-waist jeans and carelessly tuck it in the front and voilà! You’re on your way to becoming an honorary French girl.

I tried to wear the neck scarf as easily as she did in the other picture but couldn’t get it to work out. Instead, I used it to add a little more personality to my purse and tied it around the strap. The scarf was only $6 on Amazon and if you can rock a neck scarf, that has to be your go-to spot to grab one.

I am partial to American Eagle jeans despite their price tag, typically $30-$50. These jeans will last you longer than the cheaper options you could find at H&M or any other fashion retailer.  Don’t forget to stock up on flats. Those are a staple in a French girl’s closet. I got this black pair on Tobi $21.

Girl Gang Chic

Not only is the outfit work friendly if you choose the black tailored pants from earlier, but with jeans, it makes it perfect for a casual night out. The blazer helps dress up your outfit just a little bit and it was only $23 on Amazon.

Espadrilles are an alternative to flats if you want to mix it up. Be sure that you don’t pick a wedge that is too high because that is a fashion don’t among French girls. H&M had these cute, black espadrilles for $30 which is pretty affordable compared to other retailers. A good graphic tee helps give personality to your outfit and can make a typical blazer less bland. There’s nothing more effortless than a good graphic t-shirt you can dress up.

Now go grab an espresso and a croissant because you’re one step closer to finding your inner French girl.


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