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Tall Girls, Short Problems

By: Julia Bashaw

Riddle me this, how do six foot tall girls like myself find jeans? Answer; we don’t. I am only 18-years-old and I can say with complete confidence that I have maybe owned a total of 10 jeans in my lifetime. I currently have 2 pairs to my name right now. It is a real struggle buying jeans, and it usually takes a couple of tries. The issue us tall girls have is length, size, and proportion. Either the jeans are long enough but too big at the waist, or they fit perfectly at the waist but fit us like capris. AKA- I always need a belt and I’m always showing ankles.


Those rare moments when we discover a pair of jeans that fits both our waist and height, we buy them without a second thought. Of course those jeans are $150 and we will make them last three years until they fall apart in rags!

Meanwhile our shorter friends are finding jeans for $20 or less on sales racks because they ALWAYS have their size. Now all joking aside, this actually is an annoying problem. My solution? Two things! But first, I sadly have to say that sometimes we have to buy those really expensive Gap jeans that make our bank account cry. This is simply because life requires us to have at least one pair of really nice jeans for special occasions.

However, my solutions are a lot more fun and cost effective. Now, we have that one pair of expensive nice jeans right? Well I don’t know about you but I am not about to spend a fortune on one more pair, therefore I don’t. Rather I go to stores like Q and Papaya that have great deals! I discovered this trick a couple years ago when I was in Q and went to the cheaper clothing section. I saw that there was a rack of jeans for $10 and under.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and immediately found my size and went to try them on. They fit me perfectly (almost) everywhere! They were a little short at the ankle. However, I couldn’t resist the price, this specific pair was $6 dollars. So when I got home I had a game-plan: boots. I have a pair of boots that rest high on my ankles by about 3 inches. Combine those with the jeans and BOOM! No one can tell that the jeans are way too short for me! They just blend right into the boots.


It was like magic. I began using this technique with other shoes such as my next trick: heels! I don’t care how tall I am, I will always wear heels and this is the perfect excuse. The heels are the statement piece and the jeans just fill the gap between the sassy heels and maybe a flowy top! Instant business casual outfit and super easy to do.


Soon enough adding specific shoes to short jeans became my own personal style. I really enjoy the way the shoes work with the short jeans, and it no longer makes me feel self conscious that my ankles are showing. These are just some of my cheap cheat sheet ideas for us tall girls that have it rough. I hope you will try some of them out!


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