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The 90s is back! Trends for your next #tbt

By Sabina Zofcik

Recently, older trends from the 90s have become a huge hit among the modern day young generation. Something special about fashion from the past has captured the attention of today’s society, and fashion designers continue to get inspiration from previous fashion trends. For example, designer Ground Zero has stated that the inspiration behind their fall 2016 collection was “very inspired by 90’s culture, portraying a gang of edgy, strong-willed girls from the hood.” Not only do designers find something special in the way people expressed themselves through fashion during the 90’s, but celebrities seem to be the icons that translate their love for previous trends.

Recently, celebrities such as the Kardashians, Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Taylor Swift have brought chokers back to life. Kylie Jenner said on her app that she’s “SO into” the choker trend and “really loving choker necklaces. They sex up any outfit.” Chokers seem to be a great fashion statement that brings together an outfit that can either be worn during a special occasion or something casual. Elastic tattoo chokers were most commonly worn during the 90s, but today, chokers range from the basic original chokers to beautiful handmade crystal chokers.

Put a choker on it // Photo retrieved from The Fashion Tag

Put a choker on it // Photo retrieved from The Fashion Tag

Similarly, another trend that has come back in style is the berry dark lip. Dark lips in the 90s were worn by a lot of people who were inspired by the 90’s grunge style. Today, the grunge style is no longer as popular, but the dark berry lips have stayed and have evolved into becoming one of the most popular lip colors in today’s fashion world. Kylie Jenner lip kits have taken over the cosmetic industry as people continue to talk about how amazing her liquid matte lip kits are. Kylie’s lip kit has colors that have the dark berry tones such as the color Kourt K and the color Dead of Knight. These lip colors bring forward that grunge 90’s feel that has today turned into glamour rather than grunge.

Photo retrieved from Buzzfeed

Kylie’s lip kits are allll the rage // Photo retrieved from Buzzfeed

Converse is a brand that has been around since 1908 and is still an extremely fashionable trend that people of all ages still wear. Converse shoes transformed the way sneakers were perceived. The extraordinary design of the shoe is timeless, and for 108 years now, Converse shoes never seem to go out of style. Converse were also very popular in the 90s as movie heart throbs, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, were spotted wearing the shoes in his movies.

Leo rocked Converse even before they were cool // Photo retrieved from Pinterest

Leo rocked Converse even before they were cool // Photo retrieved from Pinterest

Overall, certain fashion trends seem to either be timeless or something that was created in the past but has now been transformed into new fashion statements. Chokers, darker lip colors and Converse shoes are only a few of the many other fashion trends that have been taken from the past and  re-created with a new modern edge.


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