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The statement piece

The statement piece. Three words that can transform an outfit from bleak to chic and sometimes vice versa.

Once the statement piece is introduced, there is never a dull moment. This bold addition can range from practically any clothing article or accessory. Items such as jewelry, hats, blazers and shoes are easy to add and successful statement pieces.

One’s inner fashionista can suffer when placed in an over simplified outfit, but by adding an adventurous necklace, attention is drawn to the neckline and a new pop is created. This idea is a great opportunity to incorporate a new color to freshen up the color palette. Bold stones, layers and shapes allow the necklace to make a statement of its own.

Lainie Rankin, manager of Francesca’s Collection in Phoenix, said, “The more layers the better they look,” in reference to necklaces. She added, “You can add different color and texture and it looks great.”

Don’t take this lightly though, at all cost avoid tacky. There is a fine line between bold and disastrously gaudy; a line that a fashionista should cautiously put her neck on.

Hats can spice up the plainest of outfits as well. Simple solids of the most neutral tones can be pumped with new life when a hat of great taste is included. Made of velour and felt material, wide-brimmed hats have taken this winter by storm.

New York Times’ Bill Cunningham featured the hats in his ‘On the Street’ photo spread on Jan. 15, giving them the credentials they needed. In different colors and shapes they add a splash of fun to a lifeless ensemble.

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, Statement Pieces

Knit beanies of different sizes and shapes can also transform dull attire. Whether accentuating a laid-back attitude or sprucing up a simple jean and cardigan look, the knit beanie makes for a great statement piece.

Hold on though, hats come with warnings – if you look like you step out of 2002 or grandma’s closet reconsideration is advised. However, dare to be bold and anything worn with confidence can be fabulous.

We all have schedules and deadlines; sometimes we don’t dedicate the appropriate amount of time to our wardrobe. A blazer is a simple and chic addition to help perk up an outfit. Those with sequins, studs, bold shoulders or strong lines can really amplify a fashionista’s look.

When running into a meeting the blazer can pull together a professional look and when spending a night on the town it can emphasize confidence. The bolder the blazer, the bolder the statement.

Whoever said, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” meet the shoe. From flats to six-inch stilettos, statements aren’t just made, but screamed by shoes.

In days when comfort is necessary, flats are sophisticated and reasonable. They are bold with embellishments and fierce colors, building attention for an outfit.

“Don’t be afraid of color with your shoes, even a little embellishment add detail,” Rankin said.

Wedges are also great in comfort and fashion. They add height, a plus when it comes to looking great, and are usually gentle on busy feet. Heels and platforms in good taste can always create a statement. The tee strapped heel is pushing its way into the fashion headlines, making it the perfect icing on the cake.

With taste in mind, a fashionista can make a statement with her outfit by adding a fabulous shoe.

Nothing saddens a fashionista more than a dull or half completed outfit. If an outfit seems shortcoming, adding a quick statement piece can make all the difference.

Bailey Johnson

Photo Credit: NY Times


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