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Through the colorful lens of “Mitch” Phillips

By Quinn Falls

Photos by Victor Ren

“A little bit of glam is good for anybody’s wardrobe,” said Minnesota native Michelle “Mitch” Phillips sharing a bit of her wisdom. Mitch has developed her own unique, personal style and she wears it glamorously. Just by shooting a short glance at her, one can tell of the motto she lives by.

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to her wardrobe. It consists of eye-catching rings, extravagant tops and collages of colorful patterns which are blended into her outfits. However, her creativity does not end within her own closet.


Mitch is a former real estate agent and she turned her eyes towards interior design in 2001 when she arrived in Phoenix, Arizona. Her first step in becoming a professional interior designer was winning a competition in the publications of Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine.

“I think that was kind of my ‘just go for it’ moment,” she said referring to her triumph as a designer. Since then she has started an interior design company called Modern Living Environments.

Included Mitch’s design portfolio are spaces such as the Downtown Phoenix lofts, a number of My Sister’s Closet stores, Grand Canyon University’s coffee shop, dorm rooms, marketing departments, a recording studio and an orthodontist’s office.


Mitch is also the owner of a luxury vintage store called Rare Scarf Vintage. Here she uses her knack of finding top notch, flashy clothing and turns it into a profit.

The Rare Scarf Vintage store, like it’s owner, stands apart from anything in the surrounding area. A small white building is decorated on the outside with elaborate portraits and stylish patterns, giving it a tone of glam before even setting foot through the door.


Mitch’s vast collection of vintage apparel and accessories also serves as the supply for her third occupation. Being fairly new to the scene, Mitch is already seeing plenty of success as a stylist. Her work is seen in a number of magazines including Xiox Magazine and Fantastics magazine, and yes, it is the definition of fabulous.

Mitch serves as an inspiration to anyone who has an interest in fashion, design or any walk of life. Her work goes to show that taking chances and being true to one’s self is the key to success.


In the words of Mitch herself… “Be ridiculous, it’s fun.”


Follow Quinn on Instagram: @lilqd


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