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Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, stores everywhere have stocked their shelves with pink and red to celebrate February 14, a day dedicated to love and friendship. So… you have that special valentine and feel like you’ve run out of unique ideas? Well, check out these original ideas we’ve come up with that he’ll love!

  1. Love coupons – Sold at Barnes and Noble for $6.95, this coupon book contains 22 unexpected romantic gifts to surprise that special someone. Give it as a gift, and he can “claim” his coupons at any time. These range from a love letter to a weekend getaway!

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Cindy Castillo, VDay Gifts for HIm
  1. Chocolate Box – Sounds typical, huh? Here’s a twist! Buy an assortment of your favorite chocolates or make your own bite size desserts such as cake pops to make your own chocolate box. Then, you create your own wrappers with pink, red and white candy  wrapper paper, and inside each you can type up special messages so every time he opens a treat, he’ll remember you and feel special all over again!

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Cindy Castillo, VDay Gifts for Him
  1. What’s your fortune? – Feeling like going out to dinner? A unique idea for fans of Chinese food would be to customize your own fortune cookie with a special message as the fortune. There are tons of sites that offer customizable fortune cookies at great prices, such as , where you can order your very own cookies with that special message!

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Cindy Castillo, VDay Gifts for Him
  1. Back in time! – Memories are built every day that you spend with that special person. Remember what your first date was like? Was it memorable? Re-create it! Go back in time and re-create that first date to bring back all those feelings of when you two first met. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the first date; it could be the day you first met, your first kiss, you choose!

  2. Personalize it! – Customizing is key to making your gifts extra special. Whether it’s a bracelet, a keychain, a pillowcase or matching t-shirts, customizing that special gift to fit the likes of you and your Valentine will make it extra special!

So for this Valentine’s Day think outside the box, but overall keep it from the heart! For more unique ideas check out sites such as or sign up for the Facebook App, the Fancy where you can find unique gadgets available for sale that you can’t find in stores!

Cindy Castillo


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