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Vogue: A History of The Fashion Bible

If you love fashion, odds are that Vogue magazine is one of your monthly subscriptions. Since the first issue of Vogue was published in 1892, the magazine flourished into a globally recognized fashion and lifestyle magazine that publishes 23 national editions, has an average print circulation of 11.3 million subscribers and 1.6 million online readers. It is no surprise the magazine is often referred to as “The Fashion Bible.” Here is a brief history of “The Fashion Bible” by its most groundbreaking covers.

December 1892: Vogue, then a weekly magazine, releases its first issue ever in America by founding publisher Arthur Turnure.


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1909: Vogue thrived after Condé Nast Publications acquired the magazine. The magazine started printing more pages and its main audience became women.


Photo Courtesy of Condé Nast

1916 –1920: Vogue made its overseas debut in England in 1916. Due to it’s popularity there, Condé Nast published the first issue of French Vogue in 1920.


Photo Courtesy of On This Day In Fashion

July 1932: The first issue with a colored photograph as the cover. Edward Steichen, a world-famous photographer, took the photo for the cover and the pages of Vogue were no longer illustrated by only drawings.


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1960s: American Vogue fell under the leadership of Diana Vreeland. Issues became more sexy and liberal as celebrities started gracing the covers. Sophia Loren was one of the first celebrities on the cover of Vogue.


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1988: Noted for her bob cut hairstyle, the infamous Anna Wintour became editor-in-chief of American Vogue in 1988. She sought to reshape Vogue by enticing younger readers. The November 1988 issue was the first under Anna Wintour’s leadership.


Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Present Day: Anna Wintour remains the editor-in-chief of American Vogue. She continues to experiment with new concepts that would make the magazine appeal to a wider audience. She also discovers new talent in the world of fashion every year through the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award. She surprised the fashion world this September when she included not one, but three models on the issue’s cover.


Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Story By Serena Zhang



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