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Where to Find Healthy Food Near Campus

Having a hard time trying to find tasty food that is also good for you on campus? Is the dining hall not meeting your expectations?

Trying to find a healthy place to eat around campus should be easy, as there are a lot of young adults looking to shape their healthy lifestyles with exercise and especially with food.

Having a well balanced meal is important to students who want to take care of their body according to freshman Kylie Stewart, who is majoring in health and wellness.

“Having those places on campus is better than having fast food on campus because instead of getting something that will not energize our bodies we have food that will,” Stewart said.

Food is suppose to give energy to the body, and when you eat well it is reflected in how you carry out your day.  When you have energy you are able to perform better in every task whether that is with attention span, memory, or critical thinking to name a few.

However, this was not as easy as I thought it would have been considering that we live on a college campus. Not that there are not organic or health restaurants in Downtown Phoenix, you would just need a car to get there and not everyone has that luxury.


Photo by Eboné

Not to worry, because on Taylor Mall next to Subway is Bowl of Greens, which serves a Mediterranean cuisine made fresh everyday. The restaurant has a large menu selection of salads, pasta and sandwiches. If you are really in a hurry, you can grab a smoothie made with only fresh fruit and vegetables. This makes for a good meal substitute because it has all the vitamins and nutrients included. Bowl of Greens is a great stop right before class or when you are in a hurry.

Bad Donkey

Photo by Eboné

Another great place to eat is the Bad Donkey, which is located right next to Sun Devil Fitness Center. This place offers salads and sandwiches as well as protein shakes, which are a great snack right after working out to help build muscle and tone your body. Although there are not a lot of close places to find a healthy meal downtown, there are still options on campus.

Warning: Neither of these restaurants take M&G, but sometimes getting a quality meal makes it worth while for a nice treat after a long day or week.

By: Eboné Chatman


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