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You should be watching these British beauties on Youtube

By Emily Ditomasso

Whether you’re looking try a new hairstyle or change up your makeup, YouTube is one of the best sources to turn to for style inspiration. There is a plethora of beauty gurus to choose from and a video for any look that you are trying to achieve.

Here are a couple of my go-to beauty YouTubers for when I am looking for a bit of inspiration.

Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

I was about fourteen years old when I first started watching Zoella, and ever since I have been completely hooked on her videos. Her style is quirky, yet elegant, and I love practically everything about it. Her videos are what introduced me to the world of YouTube and has subsequently led me to so many other amazing YouTubers.

Along with her killer fashion sense, Sugg also has amazing taste when it comes to interior design. The Zoella household already looks amazing on a normal day but around the holidays, she always goes all out with the decorating. 

FullSizeRender (3)

Photo courtesy of Zoella on Instagram.

I really recommend watching her Christmas vlogs (and her vlogs in general). Seeing her deck out her whole entire house with decorations and her large collection of Christmas jumpers grow even more never fails to put me into the Christmas spirit!

Since discovering Zoe Sugg years ago, I have seen both her and her channel completely evolve. I have watched Zoe not only create an amazing channel but also come out with her own books, lifestyle/beauty ranges and have even watched her grow as a person.If you are looking for a good mixture of beauty and lifestyle, then you should definitely

If you are looking for a good mixture of beauty and lifestyle, then you should definitely check out Zoella.

Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart is another YouTuber that I have fallen head over heels for. She is the sweetest person on YouTube and her channel is the best to go-to for not only beauty tips, but how to become a healthier person.

FullSizeRender (5)

Photo courtesy of NiomiSmart on Instagram.

Niomi is a vegan and has incorporated her healthy lifestyle into her channel by doing her “What I Eat in a Day” videos. She has even created her own recipe book called “Eat Smart.” Watching her channel will make you contemplate everything you put into your body and you will find yourself wanting to drop the usual junk food and hit the gym.

However, what first attracted me to Niomi’s channel is her style. Her looks are what I strive for: simple, yet classy. She always looks so effortlessly put together no matter where she goes. 

Tanya Burr

I discovered Tanya’s channel through Zoella, and her videos are the best for makeup inspiration. She has recreated many celebrity makeup looks and magically has a video for almost any occasion.

Burr also has an eye for fashion and wears a good mixture of both high-end and more affordable looks. I could watch her hauls all day long because she is so knowledgeable on clothing and makeup brands.

FullSizeRender (4)

Photo courtesy of TanyaBurr on Instagram.

Burr has also created her own makeup line and she shows you many different looks you can do with her products in some of her main channel videos and vlogs.

I also adore Tanya’s baking videos. As someone who loves baking, I am always on the hunt for new recipes, and she has a lot of fun and adorable pastries to make. You can find her recipes on her YouTube, blog ( and her recipe books “Tanya Bakes” and “Tanya’s Christmas: Make, Bake and Celebrate.”

Who are your favorite Youtubers? Let us know in the comments!


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