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Donatella Versace pays homage to brother Gianni with spring/summer 2024 RTW

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

By Camryn McLen

There’s no doubt that millions of people look forward to what Versace will produce next, and the newest spring/summer 2024 collection undoubtedly satisfied the fashion community.

Donatella Versace paid tribute to her late brother Gianni Versace, referencing his Atelier Versace spring 1995 Couture designs in her newest men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collection. From the hair to the patterns, to the designs themselves, it was all Gianni-inspired.

This spring/summer collection screams “it girl,” just as it did back in 1995. Every look featured at least one aspect that gave off a classy, preppy, or rich-girl look. Whether it was the hair accessory, the shoes or the structure of the clothing, every look had an elegant touch.

Donatella Versace’s collection had a look for a variety of occasions including pantsuits and skirt suits for work or office wear, maxi dresses for evening wear, cocktail dresses for parties, mini dresses for brunch, everyday wear and more.

While a couple of the casual-style pieces are supposed to be for everyday wear, they still had that Versace flare to them. One female model wore a tank top completely made of pink and silver beading and clasps over a pink ribbed-knit bralette. She also wore a light-wash jean embellished with the same pink and silver beading used within the top. One of the men’s looks was almost the same except he wore a denim jacket that matched the beaded jeans with no top underneath.

Similar to her brother’s 1995 designs, the main colors featured on the runway mostly came in pale or light shades. The color palette used was definitely made for spring with its variety of pastel shades including green, yellow, pink and blue. White was also prominent and was used for a monochrome look, but it was mainly integrated into the pastel shades.

The main patterns that were featured throughout the collection were checkerboard, gingham, windowpane, and floral. Some patterns were combined in a few looks, such as the checkerboard and floral, while others stood alone like the windowpane and gingham patterns.

One model donned a mesh button-up shirt that combined both the floral and checkerboard pattern along with a matching mesh skirt. Another model wore a light pink and white gingham blazer with silver Versace logo buttons and silky pink and white checkerboard-patterned shorts.

Many of the models wore half-up half-down hairstyles with elegant bows, each a silver button featuring the Versace logo in the center. These bows showed up on headbands and clips alike in a variety of colors like yellow, baby blue, light pink and black. Similar bows and barrettes were featured on the models that walked for Gianni in Spring 1995.

While the classy aesthetic clearly stole the show, there were edgier looks included in the collection as well. Maroon leather graced the runway, appearing on a men’s pantsuit and a women’s skirt suit. There were also a handful of solid black pieces including coats, dresses with cutouts, pant and skirt suits, skirts, blazers, leggings and even a bandeau.

Another trend that was seen on this runway was silky boots. These knee-high boots were pastel colored and had the same elegant bows used as hair accessories attached to the top back of the boot. Other trendy shoes that made an appearance were similar to ballet flats, also using the same bows.

Not every model carried a purse or bag, but the bags that did make their way down the runway included a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Shoulder bags, crossbody bags and mini handbags elevated some of the looks, matching the color of the outfits worn by the models.

One of the most iconic parts of the show was not only the closing look, but the model wearing it. Claudia Schiffer, one of the most popular supermodels in the ‘90s, closed the show in a chainmail dress with a pale green and silver checkerboard pattern – the same pattern she wore in two different looks for Gianni’s 1995 spring couture collection.

Overall, the show was clearly honoring the work of Gianni with a somewhat modernized twist and a pinch of Donatella’s personality.


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