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Shoesday Tuesday: These shoes are made for Walking

This past weekend was Parents-Weekend here at ASU. In order to show my parents the wonderful university I am currently attending, there was a lot of walking around involved. So, here are some of my favorite shoes to wear when I know I need to combine fashion and function, not just choose one.

Photo by: Courtney Mally

These sandals are perfect for a hot, sunny day. They provide support to the foot (which is essential for me personally, because I have very high arches) and the style of the shoe adds a little bohemian but still a trendy feel to any outfit I pair them with. I actually love them so much I bought a pair in black, too!

Photo by: Courtney Mally

The pattern on these Toms always adds little bit of flare to any outfit whether it be shorts and a t-shirt, paired with jeans, or even a skirt if I feel like combining contrasting styles. My favorite thing about this pair of shoes is that they are not only very supportive, but also closed-toed. Walking around downtown, or any city for that matter, wearing open-toed shoes can allow a good amount of dirt and other things to get on your feet. These are comfortable, protective and cute!

Photo by: Courtney Mally

When I need a more professional outfit, or I am feeling like being a little more dressed up to walk around town, these shoes are my go-to. They have a little bit of a heel on them so they not only dress up any outfit I choose to put on, but the heel also provides support and cushion for an occasion where I am going to be on my feet for a prolonged amount of time.

Photo by: Courtney Mally

Now, whether I am literally or figuratively running around, these Nikes feel like I am walking on air. I love the pop of color they give to a basic outfit, and again the support, protection, and comfort is a trifecta of being a busy-bee on the go.

What is your favorite pair of shoes to wear around town? Thanks for reading! Walk fabulously my friends!

Article and Photos by Courtney Mally


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