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With school breaks, holidays and weekend trips approaching, it seems like everyone is heading to the airport. Flying can be a stressful experience, but an outfit that’s both confident and comfortable can make all the difference while traveling.


First things first, it’s crucial to wear pants that are comfortable. A long flight in ultra-tight jeans is not ideal. Keep it simple with a pair of black leggings, or try Converse One Star Piper Longue Pants. They are soft, yet stylish with zippered pockets.


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When it comes to air travel, layers are key. The temperatures on airplanes fluctuate frequently, so it’s convenient to include a sweatshirt or sweater in your outfit. If you are wearing leggings, opt for a favorite tee or tank top then pair with a knit sweater or cardigan. Because sweatpants are a bit bulkier than leggings, choose a light hoodie with a zipper. Choose these pieces based on your favorite colors and patterns, so even at the airport, you can show off your personal style.


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When it comes to shoes, comfort and ease are top priorities. While heels look adorable and chic, its best to leave those packed in the suitcase. Airports are busy and big, with long lines and far walks between security checkpoints and gates. Your feet will thank you for choosing comfortable sneakers or cute slip-ons—go for your favorite pair of Converse or Nikes. If you want to add more style, colorful ballet flats and patterned slip-on sneakers are the way to go.


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Jewelry needs to come off during security screenings, so it’s best to go light on rings and bracelets and instead accessorize with a favorite hat or scarf. Keep your destination in mind. If you’re flying to a warm, sunny place, choose a cute fedora or baseball cap. If you’re heading to a colder climate, a beanie is the perfect choice.

You can fit everything you need for the plane, including water bottles and books, in an oversized purse or satchel backpack. Black is simple and stylish, and brown leather bags are in this season.

For a final touch, bring along a patterned neck pillow. While on the plane, you can rest and relax in style, rather than cramping your neck or falling asleep on the shoulder of the stranger next to you! With a cute and comfortable outfit, and an easy in-flight experience, you will be well on your way to happy travels!


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Story By Rachael Bouley


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